Sunday, 27 April 2008


On saturday, I gave a workshop on machine-quilting. It was fun and we all (I think!) enjoyed ourselves even if some had aching shoulders at the end of the day.
For the course I made the pink sampler and the students made the samples in white.

It is not always easy to adjust all the machines for machine-quilting and we had some problems at the beginning with the tension of some machines. I am so glad my Bernina sews everything with only some adjustments.
Anyway, the students had to draw on paper first so as to learn the movements and then sew without thread to get a feeling of using the machine without feed dogs.
And here are the results:

from Sigrid

from Monika

from Barbara

from Iris

and from Jutta

Well done, ladies!

Friday was the dutch fabric market in town and guess what I did! I just bought a few fat quarters and some buttons. Mind you next week there is a wonderful textile market in a town nearby so I guess my purchases won´t stop here!
I wish you a wonderful beginning of May.


Anne said...

Hello, your little sister here! yeppeee I am the first one to leave a comment! Except that I haven't got anything really interesting to say. I think your pink thing was much nicer than the white ones. Hey she is good my sister hein!
Take care
Your mad sister

gwensmom said...

Your students did a great job! I so wish I could take one of your classes.

I have just bought a machine with a free motion quilting foot. I haven't used it yet because I had no idea how to start. But now I know to try the drawing and sewing without thread method-thanks!

Thanks also for the sweet comment about Gwen's prom that you left on my blog.


Lea said...

Oh, Gwen, It's sooooo fun to see all quilting designs! I'm a hand quilting quilter but I always adore machine quiltings. It gave me a good inspiration.*S*
Thank you for sharing all wonderful pictures!

ROZ said...

Amazing quilting.

Belém said...

Great job, teacher's and students'.
I love the feathers you made!

julieQ said...

Wow, all those samples look good! My machine quilting is pretty herky-jerky looking. I love the daisies...

Jessica's mom said...

My, my don't all of those look great! I tried my hand at machine quilting the other day, but I bet I'm doing something wrong because it seemed easier to fight the darned feed dogs than have them down! LOL, live and learn! :)

Christine said...

Gee, I wish I could come to your class. Your students did so well. I would love to be able to quilt like that. Hopefully one day.

Practising without thread sounds like a good idea. I could try that.
Happy stitching.

Leanne said...

What an inspiration. I wish I lived a little closer LOL I would love to come to one of your classes. I am just about to embark on some serious machine quilting. I can only hope it turns out as good as your students.