Tuesday, 18 November 2008


The weather forecast said we were going to have some snow this week. Time to snuggle under quilts!

For our guild meeting, Bea designed some stitchery and here is what I made of mine. A little bag and a note book cover.

As always, Bea´s designs are fun and look good.

I am knitting quite a lot these days but I still did not have a knitting needle holder and they (the needles) were all stuffed together in a drawer. This is the end of that!

I sewed a needle holder for all my needles and there is still space for more to come! When I was in England to visist my sis, we went to a yarn shop where I bought one skein of a silk blend yarn. I knitted the prismatic scarf out of it.

The yarn is really nice, very warm, soft and I like the color combo a lot.
I can wear it straight away as it is murky here outside.

I wish you a nice week.


Anne said...

Yehooo, I am the first one again. I like the little book, kind of like the scarf.. but no, thank you I don't want one for xmas!
Lots of Love


Libby said...

A very clever packet for your needles. Now they will always be handy *s* Love your embroidery pieces.

Carol said...

You've bee so busy, what beautiful projects you've finished. But that scarf, it's absolutely gorgeous. Love the colour of the yarn too.

Jessica's mom said...

Silk Yarn, learn something new everyday. Do they blend it with something? It must feel amazing, keep warm and enjoy it.

You kitting needle holder is quite nice, good for you.

That blue from Bea is beautiful. Perhaps with a little digging I might find a blog for her too?

Jessica's mom said...

Ah yes, there it is! Thanks for having it so easy to find!

Marie France said...

Ici nous n avons pas besoin de cache nez.tout se passe bien.Felicitations pour tes ouvrages.

Shasta said...

You've made all sorts of lovely things.

black bear cabin said...

wow...youve been busy! i love love love your scarf! and that little holder you made is cute too...but the little bag from your guild is just adorable! i wouldnt mind being on your christmas gift list ;) heheheh
thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!