Saturday, 29 November 2008


The weather forecast was right, this is what it looked like here at the beginning of the week. Now the snow is gone and it is only cold.

I finished another of Bea´s BOM this week, only two to go and this year´s stitchery project will be complete. Now to sew these cutties together in a top will last some time as I am still pondering which setting will enhance them the best.

In the meantime I have something else to do, not that I would get bored or something!
My mother sent me a top to machine quilt. I like it very much, very scrappy, just my colours. It will be a pleasure to quilt as it isn´t too big and my mother had already put the batting and the back to it. I just have to switch on my sewing machine and off I go!

This picture shows a detail. It is a very easy block made of 2 squares and one rectangle. Either one dark square with one light square and rectangle or one light square with one dark square and rectangle. The squares are 1,5" finished.

During the week, I dyed some more sock yarn. It seems the color combos turned out nice as some skeins are already gone to become Christmas presents.

Tomorrow night will be the time to prepare my DS´s advent calendar. Fortunately Playmobil and Lego exist!

I wish you a very nice first advent sunday and a agreable week.


Anne said...

Hello big sister, you are slacking!! No post for nearly two weeks, what in earth are you doing? Knitting socks by any chance!or are you just too busy building snow men!
Lots of love

francoise said...

Bonsoir Gwen,
Magnifique paysage enneigé! Rien de tel en Bretagne, nous n'avons en ce moment que le célèbre crachin! Le patch de Marie-France est très réussi, bon matelassage. Amitiés.

Jessica's mom said...

One of these days you're going to tell me what kind of yarn you're using to dye, and how you mix up the Koolaid. I'm still working on my first little scarf, but it's getting bigger. I'm on my second ball. LOL!

Your mom's quilt turned out nicely, so nice and scrappy, just perfect to cuddle up with. Happy Quilting!

tami said...

Those dyed yarns are yummy. I hope you take pictures before you give the gifts away. I would love to see them.
The quilt is great too.

gwensmom said...

Your sock yarns always look so pretty! I LOVE that photo of the bird house too.

teodo said...

Gwen ....I like your snow's pics...........but I'm curious about your dye socks. These colours are so nice.
ciao ciao

Marie France said...

Magnifiques tes paysages de neige.Carl doit être très content de pouvoir faire des batailles de boules de neige
Merci pour la photo de mon patch mais je contate que tu n'as pas commencé à le quilter.

Anonymous said...

The snow is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Magnifique scrap quilt comme je les aime, very inspiring to me !

Libby said...

What a beautiful winter scene. With weather like that, I would want to sit by the window next a warm fire and stitch all the day long *s*

Carol said...

Your sock yarn is incredible !!!! Wow. And all that snow makes me think it would be lovely to snuggle under a gorgeous winter quilt. So love seeing what you are up to in the craft world.

black bear cabin said...

what a beautiful quilt your mom made...maybe its for you :)
love your winter wonderland photos! it looks gorgeous in your neck of the woods!

bingo~bonnie said...

I just noticed that your BOM's from last year have diferent color threads.. cool! what brand did you use? and how many strands?

I'm new to stitching and just started this BOM and completed block 1 last week.

Glad to have found yoru blog..Love from Texas!~bonnie