Sunday, 14 December 2008


How is it that Christmas is already in 10 days and I haven´t seen anything of December yet?! What with bad weather, ill family members (DS and DH both sick with fever and heavy coughing), getting and/or making presents,...

Anyway, yesterday I took some time off to get some quality time going with a good friend of mine to the opening of a new yarn and quilt shop.

Christiane has made it! She now has a very nice shop with gorgeous yarn and fabric.

Of course I did some retail therapy but could not take any picture yet.

This week I knitted some presents for my dear sis: some mitts (modified version of Evangeline) and knee socks (my own pattern).

I just hope that they arrive on time in England. It is supposed to be so cold there (especially inside the house, isn´t it Sis? ) (Private joke!).

Now my DH has discovered a tam he would like to have for Christmas too so you know what I will be knitting next week!

I wish you all a nice third Advent.


Anne said...

Hello from steaming hot England!! Yes I have put the heating on, it is December after all!! I love the socks and the mits, they look great and I can't wait to get them, so stop knitting and run to the post office!

gwensmom said...

WOW that shop looks fantastic! I wish it weren't all the way across an ocean.

Marie France said...

Anne a déja vu ses cadeaux de noel.Cela n'est pas normal.Ils seront les bienvenus car il fait très froid chez elle.

Libby said...

Those socks are mitts are great.

We always argue over when to turn on the heat here . . . today was finally the day. Everyone is relieved and while I'm happy to be warmer, I wish we could have waited just a little while longer *s*

julieQ said...

What pretty pictures of the quilt shop! I wanna go! I love your fingerless mitts, they are just so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Carol said...

Fabric *AND* yarn? OMG I'd never leave that shop. The socks look fabulous.

Elizabeth A. said...

Glad to see a post from you! Sorry you've had illness running through your house, inspite of that you've gotten so much knitting done!

Here we have conversations about how long to wait to turn on the a\c (I always shoot for JUNE LOL!), any morning that has you shivering not wanting to get out of bed is a good day for heat here.