Saturday, 2 May 2009


The time has been spinning around!
And spinning with a spindle takes its time too, I can tell you.
The two skeins are my first attempt at Navajo plying. Its is a three ply yarn, 60 gr of it for over 200 meters. It is much less itchy than my first yarn and fine enough to be included into some socks.

We are having an ideal weather for dyeing yarn so I enjoyed myself and mixed some more colours for yet some more sock yarn!

And because this blog is supposed to be about quilting too, I unearthed a UFO from at least 7 years ago which is waiting for some appliqué and machine quilting. As I looked at it again, I had the idea with the appliqué. I will add ragged edge flowers on the border. They will be out of the same fabric I used for the bricks: a brushed cotton maded in Germany. To make the patches I sewed samples from samples booklets I had bought at their factory outlet.

I don´t know yet when I will finish this UFO though as I have two knitting projects on the go and my DH made me a spindle which I have to try very soon!

I wish you a nice sunday and a healthy week.


Sheila said...

Beautiful sock yarns! Do you sell them? I really like the quilt, too. It will look fantastic when you're done.

Elizabeth said...

I have no idea how I stopped by here the other day, read your post, looked at your beautiful photos, and didn't leave a note. It must have been a child/parent interruption.

The yarn you spun looks amazing. Great job on perfecting your technique.

My daughter thought your quilt in progress was the neatest thing. She thought it looked like candy and if wanted to know if she could have some. I suppose that puts a new turn on good enough to eat.

Anne said...

Hello, I haven't got much to say today but I haven't said hello for a while, so HHEEELLLLOOOO! from sunny England!! And did you know it is my birthday, yes, mine!! soon! No socks thx!!, or hat, or granny jumper..!
Lots of love

Your sister

julieQ said...

Very, very pretty yarns@@ I will wait with anticipation of the lovely socks that will be made. Love the quilt!