Sunday, 20 September 2009


I have got one, I have got one!
And I find it really nice. It is small, silent and works wonderfully.
It is an Ashford Scholar, good for beginners they say.

Well, the beginnings were very funny as the lady who sold it to me, could not show me how it worked as she had forgotten. At her place we tried for one hour and only got very short pieces of rope like yarn out of the spinning wheel, all the while eating a lot of Haribo sweets because of the stress. I thought, well if it goes on like that at home, I will put on weight before I can achieve anything near a knitting yarn.
But I took the wheel home all the same.
And then, after fiddling with the tension, pushing the pedal for 30 minutes to get a feeling, that´s what I got:

Yarn! And a fine one at that!
I love it and I can´t stop now. I have filled 2 bobbins with a Blue faced leicester top which I had dyed before.

The only problem I see is that I thought I would make thicker yarn with the spinning wheel than with my spindle, but I can´t!
So I have to get back to it and spin some more and more and more,...

You know where to find me in the next few weeks!

I wish you a nice new week.


Elizabeth said...

Wow what thin yarn! Best of luck with your new wheel.

gwensmom said...

Congrats on a great new toy! do remember to eat and sleep, won't you?

black bear cabin said...

what glad you figured it out! cant wait to see what you create :)

Libby said...

What fun - enjoy your time with it *s*

Bea said...

Glückwunsch! Tolles Garn....
LG Bea

julieQ said...

Beautiful! Just right for socks, right?