Friday, 4 September 2009


Was I complaining 2 weeks ago that it was too hot?! Well it isn´t any more. Just the right weather to start thinking about socks, scarves, mittens (that´s for my sis!).

Although I still don´t have a wheel, I want to spin so I dyed that SW merino top,

I spun it on my spindle,

and made a 3ply out of it:

The last picture is most colour-true. It is very soft and a bit thicker than sock yarn.
I could make very comfy, thick socks out of it.

I dyed some merino yarn I received. I tried to go for fall colours and
fashion winter colours. Grey and purple are everywhere here in the shops.
To finish here is a link to a smart way to make cotton yarn. We all have tens of those in the cupboards so that´s a possibility to use at least the old ones. I could imagine one could knit the yarn into bathroom´s mats.

I wish you all a nice week-end.


Elizabeth said...

That t-shirt yarn is something else, I was skeptical when I first read what you'd written but sure enough. As for your skeins I think the ones in the last photo would want to come live here. On second thought I think it will be more fun just to wait and see what they become. :)

gwensmom said...

Your fall colors are scrumptious!

Anne said...

Hello big sister,

you know what, for once I think it is all quite nice and now that I will have to walk to school, I could do with some big socks to go in my wellies!! My wellies are blue, so peeerfect!
We have black berries coming out of our ears here, crumble, compote, tart...yummy
Lots of love from sunny England ( Not really!!)

julieQ said...

Gorgeous yarns, I love the gradients of color through them.