Wednesday, 22 September 2010


We were lucky with the weather today, beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures.

And enjoying the weather were those funny flowers. I say funny because I remember buying bulbs which were supposed to give many small pink flowers. Instead I have these ones.

They are huge and last only one day! They make nice pictures though!

On the crafty side, I have been in wool up to the neck! I mentioned earlier on that my mother brought me a huge bag of raw wool from Ireland. She scoured it too which was very nice as it smelled a lot.

That´s a picture of the raw wool

which I carded

and then spun

before dyeing it.

I wanted to dye it purple but it turned out a kind of denim. I am knitting it now and I can already say that it is going to be a very warm garment.

I wish you a nice Indian summer.


black bear cabin said...

what beautiful flowers, and what a fun surprise :) love your new wool...very pretty!

Sarah said...

Your flowers are real show stoppers! It's always fun to get a surprise in the garden.

That demin blue wool is soooo gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Marie France said...

Je pensais que j'allais avoir un tricot mauve mais non j'aurai un tricot bleu.Cela n'est pas grave car j'aime bien la couleur.Très belle cette fleur.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness! I love seeing how the pile of wool was turned into such beautiful yarn!!!

Sand and Sunshine said...

However did I miss this little post?!?! The yarn looks amazing, it surely must be the blue in the sweater you just finished, yes?