Saturday, 9 October 2010


Still gorgeous weather, a perfect indian summer over here.

It is already half-term for my DS. We went to the library yesterday to get enough books to last 2 weeks (that means 2 backpacks full! One for him and one for me).

In the meanwhile I finished the top for my mum.
(modeled by me). I hope she likes it.

I will know next week-end as I will see my whole family then.
I have finished a lace wrap too but it needs blocking, so pictures will be only next time.

I wish you a nice week-end.


Ariane said...

It's a gorgeous top!!! Love it! I wish I could knit. But I'm so terrible at it.

Sarah said...

I'm sure your mom will like the sweater. It's gorgeous! I love that color blue.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Love the color and the way it lays, very nice (as always!)

Marie France said...

C'est exactement ce que je t'aurais demandé comme modèle.J'ai hate de l'essayer.

Quilty said...

If your mother won't like it, send it to me;-) it's beautiful!!

Teodo said...

It's very very nice.
ciao ciao