Monday, 26 September 2011


Yes, really, I am still there! After some relaxing sommer holidays, some gardening ( it felt like a lot!) and some renovating I am back to my hobbies:

I knitted some socks with left-over yarn. That´s why they are not very long.

But they are still nice enough to walk around the house and the garden and that´s less yarn in the basket.
I also got new glasses. And that was not funny at all. They are with progressive- addition lenses which are just a bother! After more than one week, I still have to move my head a lot to see clearly. It is getting slowly better though I think.

We are having a wonderful weather here at the moment. That means some more work in the garden but great walks and runs too.
Have a nice time!


Sand and Sunshine said...

Lovely to see a post from you, the kitting on the color changes and the pattern in the first pair is striking and the other pair are great as well.

Sarah said...

Very cute socks!

I have that kind of glasses and got used to them really fast. Maybe b/c I was so glad to be able to finally see everything!

Anne said...

Alors les chaussettes c'est comme si tu allais a la peche aux moules mais a l'envers !! Et ton diary, alors la I am impressed !! Les couleurs et tout derriere, c'est genial ! maintenant, plus besoin d'acheter des pages de scrapbook, tu peux me les faire. Je n'ai plus besoin de coussins ( ou mon mari risque de me m'enterrer dessous) alors, voila une nouvelle idee pour Noel !!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Actually I REALLY LOVE those shorter socks! Especially that top pair is way too cute! I hate socks that go up my leg - so these are perfect!