Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Runs in cold mornings, pumpkins galore and less work than usual: that´s what it looks like around here at the moment.

My mother likes sewing and has a lot of time in winter so that she can finish a lot of tops. But she does not feel like quilting them all (she quilts only by hand) so from time to time she gives me one top to machine quilt.
This is one of them:

I was inspired by Fall and quilted leaves and pumpkins. I hope my mother likes it.

At our quilt group we have a haiku project going on. It was my turn and that is what I came up with. It says " forgotten dreams, whispered words, the pictures of the past have disappeared"

When the project is over (in february), we will have around 20 little quilts which will hang together. I will show more pictures then.

Till next time!


Sarah said...

I love the pumpkin quilting on your mom's quilt! Perfect for the season :)

Christine et Damien said...

Salut Gwen !! Très joli !! C'est impressionnant le relief que ça donne sur la photo ! J'ai fait comme on avait dit sur Pinterest, voici le lien : http://pinterest.com/christinelaure/ (Je n'ai pas ton adresse pour pouvoir t'inviter directement à visiter la page). Bisous