Friday, 21 September 2007


The recipient of my 4SSQ, Sarah, received the quilt and told me that she is pleased with it. I am very glad and relieved. It was the first quilt swap I took part in and I was a bit anxious and impatient too. So impatient that I started a mini quilt straight after registering for the swap. I had an idea and I wanted to put it into fabric. Unfortunately after Magaret sent me the name of my partner and her requirements, I realized that the first quilt would not do at all. So here it is:

Scrappy as I like them with mute colours and a lot of tiny pieces. It is hand quilted. Now what am I going to do with it?! Is there another Fall quilt swap going on somewhere? Maybe I will HAVE TO keep it! LOL
Anyway it will teach me to be more patient. Mind you I haven´t even registered yet for the winter swap and I already have an idea. I don´t think I will be able to wait until January before starting it!

This week I didn´t manage to do that much as I had a bad cold and my head felt like being in a lot of cotton batting! I started a little stitchery and finished some socks for my DH (in some boring dark grey, hence no picture).

Some time ago, quilt bloggers were showing their treadle machine. I had promised I would show mine too so here it is. A friend gave it to me to clear her cellar. It belonged to her mum but she has no use for it. I managed to find on Ebay its booklet for directions for use and I have used it a few times already. It sews very well and silently and gives nice thighs!
Usually the top is not that clear, piles of fabric, magazines, paper cover it!

What I like most about it is that it works without electricity. One never knows when the next power cut is going to happen and for how long!

Thank you very much for your nice comments on my Siggy quilt. I hope I gave some ideas to the other participants to start sewing theirs too!
It seems we are going to have very nice weather this week-end (at last!) and so I will try to spend some time trying taming the green jungle out there which is supposed to be my garden.
I wish you a nice week-end.


Dawn said...

Oh I would so gladly take that off your hands! I just love it! Those are my colors! It is a beautiful quilt! And I love the old Pfaff too!

gwensmom said...

I know what you mean about being impatient. My fall quilt isn't quite finished and my mind is full of ideas for winter!


Rose Marie said...

Your fall quilt is sweet and I'm anxious for the Winter swap to start too!

Fiona said...

I love your extra Fall Quilt (and it's always nice to be able to keep one as well as give one away).

andrew said...

Hello, all lovely quilts but more importantly, what are you wearing for Daniele's party !!

Anne you DS

Carol said...

What an amazing treadle machine, it looks like it's been looked after with such love. And I adore the white quilt you have on the top of it, perfect against the dark grain of the wood.

samantha said...

I think you should sell your lovely quilt. I'm still working on my fall quilt as I'm not nearly so organised and like to leave things to the last moment. Your embroidery looks lovely too. I've sent you an email about your prize.

atet said...

What a lovely little mini-quilt. Seeing all of the wonderful work going on for the swap is making me kick myself for not signing up for the fall. I'm going to try and sign up for the winter -- let's hope I get in before the sign up closes!

Love that stichery as well -- what a fun little design!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a beautiful old machine, the fall quilt is lovely... all those teeny, tiny pieces!

Wendy said...

Your quilts and your treadle machine are lovely! I'm already thinking about what little quilt to do for the winter swap, too, but I think I'd better complete other things already in the works first!


CONNIE W said...

Gwen, I love your Pfaff treadle machine. I have a modern Pfaff that is not electronic but sews like a dream and purrs like a kitten when I sew. I took that machine to my house in Kentucky so every time I visit there I have a chance to enjoy my little Pfaff. I have two treadles, the old Singer that I've had on my blog, and another newer one that my friend gave me which she didn't want anymore. She is from Japan and she got it when she lived there a long time ago. She lives in the US now and got a Singer Featherweight so I was happy to take the old treadle one off her hands. I don't sew on it but I keep it near the longarm machine and I set my tools and a lamp on it for when I machine quilt.
You left a comment on my blog about my visit to Walt Disney World. I loved the French and German countries in Epcot. I am half-French, and half-German, by ancestry, and am always interested in those lands. I love those French fabrics such as the one the potholder is made from. It was imported from France (labeled as such). When I was in Paducah for the quilt show I bought some of those yummy fabrics from a booth and one of the prints looks about the same. I haven't yet decided how to use themm, I'm just enjoying having them in my stash. I have some of the Fr. Pro. look in my kitchen so I plan to put it to use there eventually. I would like to get some more and some lace and make new curtains!

Libby said...

I had the same 'rethinking' of my project once my partner was assigned. I still hope to make the original for myself one day. Like you, I already know what I want to make for my 'winter piece' and I'm ready to begin even though there is much time before we begin again *s*