Thursday, 27 September 2007


Last week-end, the weather was nice and so I put it to use and did some sun-printing. I had seen the method in a magazine and as I had some paints, I had a go at it.
I used normal fabric paint which I diluted with water. I painted the damp fabrics with it and then pinned some leaves and some flowers on them. I added some coarse sea salt, then let the whole dry in the sun and this is the result:

The paint was fixed with ironing. I especially like the fern impressions!
I think I will use the fabrics to make artist mailing cards.
The 4SSQ Mum, Margaret told me that my swap quilt was on its way. I haven´t received it yet and I am going away till Wednesday so if the sender reads this, she doesn´t have to worry that I don´t post a mail straight away.
We are going to Paris to celebrate my aunt´s 60th Birthday. It will be a lot of fun as she is a very out-going person.
I wish you a nice time too.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Gwen ! me too, I like the fossile fern impression very much. I've not yet tried to dye fabrics.. it's a challenge !

Happy birthday to your aunt and have a great time in Paris !

Pam said...

The fabric turned out great!! I have never tried that. I guess the salt sort of melts a bit and gives it the spots. The green fabric is really nice but I quite like the leaves on the red fabric.

Have fun in Paris!!

gwensmom said...

What beautiful fabrics! I saw this technique on TV and in a book but they said you had to use special paint. How does this work with regular paint?


Cordula said...

You designed wonderful fabrics! It seems to be a lot of fun. I am astonished that this works with "normal" fabric paint.
I wish you will have a wonderful journey to Paris.

Helen in the UK said...

I didn't realise you could do this technique with ordinary fabric paint. Will have to try it next summmer. Lovely results :)

Rose Marie said...

I have some of this paint, but have not ventured to use it yet. Thanks for the inspiration and what great fabric you made!

Bea said...

Great job, Gwen! Funny experiments. Have a good time in Paris and happy birthday to your aunt.

Quilty said...

Very interesting result.
Enjoy your journey to Paris.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love sun printing, have done a little bit of it, yours turned out well. Bonne fete!

atet said...

I love those sun print fabrics, how lovely! I didn't know you could do this with "regular" fabric paint -- thought you had to use special paints! Those green/browns are making me drool!

Supermom said...

Please do elaborate on how specifically to do the sun painting - this is awesome. what type of paint? how much salt?