Tuesday, 30 October 2007


This week, I managed to sew some inchies. These are a Christmas present for a dear friend or maybe I will keep them as I like them quite a lot! But then it is only 7 weeks until Christmas and I can´t keep on making presents and then keep them!

Those inchies are quickly done and one can use the smallest bits and pieces one has lying around. It seems I have a lot of these, especially LYING AROUND and not in boxes or bags!

I could finish the socks for my aunt too (another Christmas present).
Here they are modelled by me. Can you imagine how many pictures I made of these socks (on my own) before one was OK?
It is not that easy to take a picture without seeing what you are doing!

For my DS, I have sewed one cushion and I will post a picture as soon as I have made some more. (another Christmas present).
Maybe I should have titled this post Christmas Presents after all !
I wish you all a happy Halloween.


gwensmom said...

The inchies are wonderful! I see why you want to keep them. It's hard to believe the holidays are so close. Yikes!


Laurie Ann said...

First of all .... seven weeks until Christmas? Crap!!! Thanks for the reminder ... I guess. :)

Secondly, love the inchies. How do you frame those? With a really thick matt to leave enough space between the glass and the inchies?

Bea said...

Du legst ein hohes Tempo vor! Aber du hast ja so recht, Weihnachten kommt immer so plötzlich!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Gorgeous socks! And your inchies are so detailed. How do you find the time?

Anne said...

Hello, Thanks god I am getting cushions and not socks, that's all I say!! You should have been a model you know!! But anyway, what are you doing reading this you should be sewing more cushions!!
Lots of love from sunny england

Shelina said...

Wow people are already getting Christmas presents ready, and I haven't recovered from Halloween yet, even though I didn't even do anything! Those inches are wonderful, I can see why you would want to keep them. I always wondered what to do with those. Arranging them and putting them in a frame is such a good idea!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love the inchies, and the socks are fantastic!

atet said...

I do love those inchies -- and another idea to add to the "what a great idea for a Christmas present" list! As for only 7 weeks to go...eeeekkkk!!!

Rose Marie said...

Had never heard of inchies before, but what a great idea and the socks are fantastic!